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Act of Oblivion – Robert Harris


A gripping and imaginative recreation of the manhunt for the men who signed the death warrant of Charles I, split between an England torn apart by war, and the distant New World to which the fugitives escape.

Bournville – Jonathan Coe


Rich, poignant story of a family living in the Birmingham suburb, which maps the changes in British society over the lasst 75 years – full of gentle nostalgia and sharp, often funny, observation.

Darling – India Knight


Delightful homage to Nancy Mitford’s The Pursuit of Love in which Linda, Franny, and the Radlett family reappear with a contemporary twist in rural Norfolk. Witty, warm, and wonderfully entertaining.

Dinosaurs: A Novel – Lydia Millet


Unusual story of Gil who walks, quite literally, away from his comfortable New York life to start afresh in Arizona. A compelling examination of whether it is possible to be wealthy and priveleged and also to lead a ‘good’ life – a life of service.

Lessons – Ian McEwan


Roland Baines, the son of an emotionally repressed army family, arrives at boarding school aged 11. His relationship with a teacher thrwarts his academic progress. A tender, thoughtful novel of unfulfilled promise, self-reflection and acceptance.

Liberation Day – George Saunders


The Booker prizewinning author of Lincoln in the Bardo returns with a masterful new collection of stories: pithy, tragic, exhilarrating, absurdly funny, with superb interior monologues.

Lucy by the Sea – Elizabeth Strout


As Covid strikes, Lucy’s scientist ex-husband William takes command and hurries her out of New York to a rented house on the coast of Maine. A masterly depiction of complex and shifting relationships set against mounting social and political tensions in the outside world.

Molly & the Captain – Anthony Quinn


Three interlinked narratives which explore the fate and provenance of two related portraits. A vivid evocation of period detail and a moving meditation on the themes of art, beauty, and love.

Shrines of Gaiety – Kate Atkinson


Historical fiction inspired by the life of Kate Meywick, who owned a number of nightclubs in 1920s Soho, set in a world of organised crime, corrupt police, and missing girls who turn up in the River Thames.

The Book of Goose – Yiyun Li


Two French girls scheme to produce a novel about their harsh, rural 1950s community. Fabienne dictates the plot, Agnes devotedly transcribes. A haunting fable about the mysteries of love, friendship, and storytelling.

The Marriage Portrait – Maggie O’Farrell


From the sparse hard facts of the life of Lucrezia de’ Medici, daughter of the Grand Duke of Tuscany – married at fifteen, dead within a year amidst rumours of poison – O’Farrell weaves a narrative of intrigue, passion, paranoia, and beauty.

The Romantic – William Boyd


Panoramic portrait of the fictional Irishman Cashel Greville Ross, born in 1799 and by turns soldier, writer, and explorer, irresistibly drawn to adventure and romance in exotic locations. Absorbing and wonderfully entertaining.