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Such a Fun Age – Kiley Reid


An illuminating examination of the inner life of a young black woman just out of college who takes a job as nanny to a privileged young white couple and embarks on a relationship with one of their circle. A fresh and astute musing on friendship, race, motherhood, and love.

Talking to Strangers – Malcom Gladwell


Another pertinent title, now in paperback, in which the author uses case studies and anecdotes to examine the ways in which we misinterpret or fail to communicate with one another and hence often feel polarised, isolated or misunderstood. Original and stimulating, a refreshing read.

The Dutch House – Ann Patchett


Set over 50 years, this is the story of Maeve and her brother who grow up in an ornate house in the Philadelphia suburbs but are then evicted following an unexpected change in their family circumstances. Both a compelling read and a moving exploration of family obligations. Highly recommended.

The River – Peter Heller


A tense, pacy thriller in which two friends set off on a canoe trip in a remote part of northern Canada anticipating nothing more than a few days of the ultimate wilderness experience – quiet and a rest from the stresses of their day to day lives. Nothing goes to plan…

Valentine – Elizabeth Wetmore


Set in a tight-knit community in 1970’s Texas just at the start of an oil boom which promises to transform the economic prospects of the area, this is an extraordinarily accomplished debut – a deftly narrated, morally complex examination of small-town loyalties and injustices, beautifully observed and powerfully narrated.

Viper’s Daughter – Michelle Paver


The author returns to the Stone Age setting of the best-selling Wolf Brother series. Torak is now a young man living in the Forest with Renn and their faithful, pack brother Wolf, but their world is rife with danger and one day Renn mysteriously disappears. Vividly imagined, action-packed storytelling and a brilliantly conceived rendering of the beauties and perils of an ancient world, full of darkness, magic and wonder.