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A Room Made of Leaves – Kate Grenville


Historical fiction at its best, inspired by the story of Elizabeth Veale, ward of a Devon clergyman, who met and married soldier John Macarthur in 1788 at the age of 21 and set sail for a New South Wales penal colony.

Actress – Anne Enright


This engaging story of Katherine O’Dell, star of Hollywood and the stage in Dublin and London, is told by her daughter in an attempt to understand the essence of a mother she has only seen through her roles.

All Our Broken Idols – Paul Cooper


A haunting, evocative novel which intertwines the story of Aurya and her brother travelling by barge to Nineveh 2500 years ago with that of Katya, at work on a dig in present day Mosul, desperate to protect the ancient ruins.

American Dirt – Jeanine Cummins


Compelling story of bookseller Lydia and her 8-year-old son Luca who are forced to flee from Mexico to a cousin in Colorado after her journalist husband and the rest of her family are killed by a narcotics cartel.

Fresh Water for Flowers – Valerie Perrin


Violette Toussaint, a young caretaker at a cemetery in a small French town has her routine disturbed by a visit from Julian Sole, a police chief, whose family turns out to be intertwined with her own secret past. Full of charm and intrigue.

Ghosts – Dolly Alderton


Not published until 22nd July.

Perceptive, thoughtful and funny depiction of the exploits of Nina, a 30+ journalist wrestling with career and family obligations while desperately trying to find lasting romance.

Love and Theft – Stan Parish


A taut and entertaining thriller relating what happens when Diane, a caterer, meets Alex, an international jewellery thief and bank robber, neither knowing that they have a shared history, until their past comes to threaten all that they love.

Monogamy – Sue Miller


Closely observed story of the long marriage of Annie, a photographer quietly watching others, and Graham, a convivial bookseller always surrounded by a crowd of writers and publishers; and then of the aftermath of that marriage and the disclosure of secrets and indiscretions.

Mr Wilder and Me – Jonathan Coe


Part homage to a great Hollywood director, part meditation on age and creativity, this is the vividly-remembered story of the narrator Calista’s summer job spent as a translator on a Greek island film set in the 1970’s.