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A Month in Siena – Hisham Matar


The author was 19 years old when his father was kidnapped and in the months that followed, he found himself increasingly turning to art as a refuge, particularly to the exquisite paintings of the Sienese School — many of them pictured here. A moving personal story, with an evocative description of the medieval city plus astute observations on art and architecture.

A Room Made of Leaves – Kate Grenville


Inspired by the real life story of Elizabeth Veale, the ward of a Devon clergyman, who met and married imperious soldier John Macarthur in 1788 at the age of 21, and set sail for a New South Wales penal colony, this is historical fiction at its best. Vividly-drawn characters, a strong sense of place, and an unusually distinctive narrative voice which beautifully captures the trepidation of a young woman embarking on a harsh new life with a virtual stranger while discovering the inner strength and resolve to forge a future for herself.

Ask Again, Yes – Mary Beth Keane


The Gleesons and the Stanhopes move to a quiet town in upstate New York to escape the pressures of the city, but find mounting work and family tensions have far-reaching consequences for them all. A bestselling title, much praised in the USA, and a compelling, compassionate, and totally absorbing exploration of friendship, comradeship, and loyalty.