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The Romantic – William Boyd


Panoramic portrait of the fictional Irishman Cashel Greville Ross born in 1799 and by turns soldier, writer, explorer – irresistibly drawn to adventure and romance in exotic locations. Absorbing and wonderfully entertaining.

The Sanctuary – Andrew Hunter Murray


A disturbing eco-thriller set in the future where Ben, a struggling artist, hears that his fiancée, Cara, is not going to return from the private island where she has been working for a reclusive billionaire. He decides to seek her out.

The Swimmers – Julie Otsuka


For Alice, who swims there daily, the local pool is a haven free from the pressures of the outside world. But when the pool is suddenly closed for repairs her rhythms are disrupted. A graceful, sensitive portrait of shared ritual, relationships and memory.

The Trio – Johanna Hedman


Please note that this title is not published until July 6th.

An elegant, bittersweet meditation on love, intimacy, jealousy and freedom telling the story of Thora, August, and Hugo who meet in Stockholm and drift between London, Berlin, and Paris, reconfiguring their relationships and negotiating what each means to the others.

This Time Tomorrow – Emma Straub


Brilliantly constructed story of Alice, about to turn 40, and her father, a writer of best-selling science fiction, who is ill in hospital. Full of clever shifts of time and perspective, thought provoking, witty and tender.

Trespass – Clare Clark


Tess, a young activist, falls for an older protestor and is left devastated when he disappears, leaving her pregnant and alone. A psychological suspense story about the far reaching impact of undercover operations on everyday family life.

Trespasses – Louise Kennedy


Cushla, a young Catholic teacher, meets Michael, a Protestant barrister, in a pub one night and begins an ill-fated affair. A powerful debut which expertly renders fracturing family and personal loyalties against the background of 1970s Belfast.

Uncle Paul – Celia Fremlin


Fifteen years after being exposed as a bigamist and a murderer, Uncle Paul, who was married to Mildred, is about to be released from prison. Now she and her halfsisters await his return in their holiday caravan.