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Absolutely and Forever – Rose Tremain


Teenage Marianne falls deeply in love with her neighbour Simon, but when he leaves her dreams of their future are shattered. Undaunted, she departs the suburbs for 1960s Chelsea and the thrills of independence. A delightful coming of age story about acceptance and being true to oneself.

Absolution – Alice McDermott


An affecting depiction of the role of women on the periphery in times of conflict set in Saigon in 1963 where two service wives, navigating the moral complexities of supporting their husbands, form a wary alliance.

Chenneville – Paulette Jiles


Injured Lieutenant Jean Chenneville returns home from the civil war to the devastating news of a murder in the family and resolves to track down the killer. A vivid and compelling rendering of one man’s pursuit of justice.

Good Material – Dolly Alderton


A romantic comedy with a difference, narrated almost entirely by the bemused Andy, a hapless and not very successful comedian struggling to dea lwith a breakup. Very funny, very astute, and very honest.

Jungle House – Julianne Pachico


The story of Lena and he rmother, caretakers at the holiday home of a wealthy city family. The house is surrounded by a security fence, rebels are rumoured to be nearby and nothing is quite what it seems. An inventive and gripping take on the perils of AI.

Kennedy 35 – Charles Cumming


A gripping espionage thriller combining two stories: the young Lachlan Kite and his girlfriend’s hunt for a Rwandan genocidaire in 1995, and the unfinished business from their mission in the present.

Orbital – Samantha Harvey


Six astronauts go about their daily tasks on the International Space Station while observing the Earth from afar. Exquisite writing, impressionistic and magical, setting human fears and aspirations against the vista of the universe.

Restless Dolly Maunder – Kate Grenville


Colourful fictional account of the life of the author’s remarkable, clever and ambitious grandmother, born into a farming family in Australia at the end of the 19th century, determined to escape a harsh rural life.

The Bee Sting – Paul Murray


A gripping tragicomedy set in rural Ireland which details the fall of the Barnes family, whose car dealership is failing in the recession while their family life founders under the shadow of climate change.

The Wolf Hunt – Ayelet Gundar-Goshen


A masterful depiction of how a seemingly safe life can implode, presented as a suspenseful, unsettling examination of what happens when a mother begins to suspect her teenage son of deceiving her in relation to a local crime.

The Year of the Locust – Terry Hayes


The author of I Am Pilgrim returns with a nail-biting thriller set in the violent, unstable borderlands between Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan where CIA agent Kane has been sent to exfiltrate a potentially dangerous threat to western power.

Tom Lake – Ann Patchett


Lara’s three daughters, back at the family orchard to help gather the fruit, persuade theirmother to tell them the full story of her first love and early career on the stage. A poignant, touching examination of memory, family relationships and roads not taken.