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Tyger – SF Said


Illustrated by Dave McKean

When Adam discovers an injured mythical creature hiding in a rubbish dump he senses that his life will change. A rich, absorbing adventure by the author of Varjak Paw.
Age guide: 8-12

Unraveller – Frances Hardinge


Spellbinding tale of Kellen – born with the rare ability to unravel curses – and his companion Nettle on a quest to uncover a deadly conspiracy. Atmospheric and gripping.
Age guide: 12+

UPROAR! Satire, Scandal and Printmakers in Georgian London – Alice Loxton (Signed)


Signed by the author.

London, 1772: a young artist called Thomas Rowlandson is making his way through the grimy backstreets of the capital, on his way to begin his studies at the Royal Academy Schools.

Within a few years, James Gillray and Isaac Cruikshank would join him in Piccadilly, turning satire into an artform, taking on the British establishment, and forever changing the way we view power. Set against a backdrop of royal madness, political intrigue, the birth of modern celebrity, French revolution, American independence and the Napoleonic Wars, UPROAR! follows the satirists as they lampoon those in power, from the Prince Regent to Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. Their prints and illustrations deconstruct the political and social landscape with surreal and razor-sharp wit, as the three men vie with each other to create the most iconic images of the day.

White Debt: The Demerara Uprising and Britain’s Legacy of Slavery – Thomas Harding


On Wednesday 15th June, Thomas Harding will be talking about his new book White Debt: The Demerara Uprising and Britain’s Legacy of Slavery at St Mary’s Primrose Hill – see here for more information and to buy tickets.


When Thomas Harding discovered that his mother’s family had made money from plantations worked by enslaved people, what began as an interrogation into the choices of his ancestors soon became a quest to learn more about Britain’s role in slavery. It was a history that he knew surprisingly little about – the myth that we are often taught in schools is that Britain’s role in slavery was as the abolisher, but the reality is much more sinister. In WHITE DEBT, Harding vividly brings to life the story of the uprising by enslaved people that took place in the British colony of Demerara (now Guyana) in the Caribbean in 1823.

It started on a small sugar plantation called ‘Success’ and grew to become a key trigger in the abolition of slavery across the empire. We see the uprising through the eyes of four people: the enslaved man Jack Gladstone, the missionary John Smith, the colonist John Cheveley, and the politician and slaveholder John Gladstone, father of a future prime minister. Charting the lead-up to the uprising right through to the courtroom drama that came about as a consequence, through this one event we see the true impact of years of unimaginable cruelty and incredible courage writ large.

Captivating, moving and meditative, WHITE DEBT combines a searing personal quest with a deep investigation of a shared history that is little discussed amongst White people. It offers a powerful rebuttal of the national amnesia that masks the role of the British in this devastating period, and asks vital questions about the legacy we have been left with – cultural, political and moral – and whether future generations of those who benefited from slavery need to acknowledge and take responsibility for the White Debt.