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Bournville – Jonathan Coe


Rich, poignant story of a family living in the Birmingham suburb, which maps the changes in British society over the lasst 75 years – full of gentle nostalgia and sharp, often funny, observation.

Careering – Daisy Buchanon


Signed by the author.

Imogen has always dreamed of writing for a magazine. Infinite internships later, Imogen dreams of any job. Writing her blog around double shifts at the pub is neither fulfilling her creatively nor paying the bills.

Harri might just be Imogen’s fairy godmother. She’s moving from the glossy pages of Panache magazine to launch a fierce feminist site, The Know. And she thinks Imogen’s most outrageous sexual content will help generate the clicks she needs.

But neither woman is aware of the crucial thing they have in common. Harri, at the other end of her career, has also been bitten and betrayed by the industry she has given herself to. Will she wake up to the way she’s being exploited before her protege realises that not everything is copy? Can either woman reconcile their love for work with the fact that work will never love them back? Or is a chaotic rebellion calling…

Hilarious and unflinchingly honest, Careering takes a hard look at the often toxic relationship working women have with their dream jobs.

Case Study – Graeme Macrae Burnet


An intriguing investigation into the nature of identity, presented as a series of notebooks compiled by a young woman in the 1960s who believes that a charismatic pyschotherapist, based in Primrose Hill, drove her sister to suicide.