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The Bee Sting – Paul Murray


A gripping tragicomedy set in rural Ireland which details the fall of the Barnes family, whose car dealership is failing in the recession while their family life founders under the shadow of climate change.

The Book of Goose – Yiyun Li


Two French girls scheme to produce a novel about their harsh rural 1950s community. Fabienne dictates the plot, Agnes devotedly transcribes. A haunting fable about the mysteries of love, friendship, storytelling, and fame.

The Colony – Audrey Magee


A brilliant, often very funny account of the hostility and resentment shown by the inhabitants of an island off the coast of Ireland to two summer visitors, one an artist, the other a linguist
seeking to preserve a dying language.

The Farm Table – Julius Roberts


Passionate about seasonality, the farmer and chef takes the reader through the year with a selection of elegant, easy recipes: hearty and warming for Autumn and Winter, lighter and fruitier in Spring and Summer.

The Ice Children – M. G. Leonard


Illustrated by Penny Neville-Lee

When Bianca’s little brother goes missing she’s certain it has something to do with a sparkly book he borrowed from the library.
Age guide: 9-12