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Good Girls: A Story and Study of Anorexia – Hadley Freeman (Signed)


Signed by the author.

From Hadley Freeman, bestselling author of House of Glass, comes a searing memoir about her experience with anorexia, and her long journey to full recovery. From the ages of fourteen to seventeen, Freeman lived in psychiatric wards after developing anorexia nervosa. For the next twenty years, she grappled with various forms of self-destructive behaviour as the anorexia mutated and persisted.

Anorexia is one of the most widely discussed but least understood mental illnesses. In a brilliant narrative that combines personal experience with deep reporting on the issues around the illness, Freeman details her experiences with anorexia, and how she overcame it. Good Girls is an honest and hopeful story that will be profoundly helpful for those who suffer from an eating disorder, and those who desperately want to understand them.

Great Circle – Maggie Shipstead


Absorbing account of a fiercely independent and ambitious young aviator and her attempt to circumnavigate the globe, interwoven with the present day tale of an actress starring in a film depicting the pilot’s glamorous and adventerous life.

Harvest – Georgina Harding


A young Japanese woman visits Norfolk in the 1970s to holiday with her English partner at the farm where he grew up. Against the background of their quiet days the unresolved narrative of his childhood gradually unspools.