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Demon Copperhead – Barbara Kingsolver


A powerful reimagination of Dickens set in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia; a savage indictment of American public education, health care, child welfare agencies, and the havoc wrought by the opioid crisis.

Dinosaurs: A Novel – Lydia Millet


Unusual story of Gil who walks, quite literally, away from his comfortable New York life to start afresh in Arizona. A compelling examination of whether it is possible to be wealthy and priveleged and also to lead a ‘good’ life – a life of service.

Edith and Kim – Charlotte Philby


Journalist and novelist Charlotte Philby has worked for the Independent, Guardian and Sunday Times, and presented documentaries for the BBC World Service. She is the granddaughter of Kim Philby, Britain’s most infamous communist double-agent and member of the notorious Cambridge spy ring.

In her latest novel, Edith and Kim, she draws on secret intelligence files and Philby’s private archive letters to explore the often-overlooked role of female spies. In a tense and beautifully evocative narrative she tells the story of Edith Tudor-Hart, a Bauhaus trained photographer and communist spy, who introduced the young Kim Philby to his future Soviet handler, the German spy Arnold Deutsch, in June 1934 — on a bench in London’s Regents Park.